10 Signs You're Ready To Let Go and Move On

Sometimes it's far easier to hold on to the past...but we all need to let go and move on sometimes. 

Check out these ten signs that it's time - and that you're ready to move on.

1: Feeling Undervalued:

Do you feel appreciated? Don't waste your time on people who fail to recognize you for who you are. Instead surround yourself with the people who will inspire you, motivate you, and love you unconditionally.

2: Settling For Less:

If you settle for less, it becomes all the harder not to in the future - and you'll be stuck feeling like less than what you are. Don't do that to yourself.

3: Exhaustion:

Life is short, so if something is draining you - rather than leaving you feeling recharged - consider that it may be time to move on.

4: Loss Of Joy And Creativity:

If your life isn't inspiring you, ask yourself: Why not? We all owe it to ourselves to chase our dreams and the things that make us feel alive and creative. If you aren't doing so, it may be time to move on.

5: Scared Of Change:

Nothing stays the same forever - nor should it. The only way things keep getting better is with change, so be ready to embrace it.

6: Constantly Sad In Relationships:

Do you cry more than you smile? If so, maybe you should ditch that onion for something better - you deserve to be happy.

7: Feeling Trapped:

If your gut tells you it's time to move on, listen. Our internal instincts often know us better than we give them credit.

8: Living In The Past:

The present is what matters.

9: Never Putting Yourself First:

It can be okay to put yourself first. In fact, sometimes it's necessary.

10: Low Expectations:

Shoot for the moon, right?

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