New Study Confirms Cannabis Can Help Beat Tobacco And Other Addictions

Medical cannabis patients in Canada prefer the herb to a wide variety of drugs, a new study finds. 

A big majority of medical marijuana users quit taking opioid prescription painkillers, like morphine and Vicodin. Patients are choosing to take cannabis over alcohol, tobacco and other pharmaceuticals.

Patients pick cannabis over pharmaceutical drugs

Last year in May, a study was conducted on 244 patients with chronic pain and it was found that cannabis is healthier to use for treatment than prescription painkillers.

It was published in the Journal of Pain, and the survey found medical cannabis patients in the state of Michigan had taken less painkillers and had saw symptom relief. Published in the International Journal of Drug Policy, researchers in Canada found cannabis can stop use of opioids, and helps you cut out alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

This helps in terms of addiction and removes the harmful approach to addiction and opioids. 

In this study, both researchers Philipe Lucas and Zach Walsh had examined data from a survey of 107 questions, that was handed out to patients who use medical marijuana from Tilray, a licensed producer by the federal government. Tilray is a part of Privateer Holdings, which is a private equity firm that includes Marley Natural and Leafly.

The survey explored whether or not cannabis patients substitute the herb for other substances, like opioid medications. 271 people in the study, which is all of them, reported using cannabis for many medical issues. Lucas and Walsh found the majority of consumers (63%) use cannabis as a substitute for prescription drugs. That confirms multiple studies that found similar facts. Cannabis was most often used instead of opioid medications. 30% of study participants admitted that they use cannabis over prescription painkillers.

The next two most common substitutions were benzodiazepines and antidepressant medications. 16% of respondents swapped the benzodiazepines for cannabis. 12% reported using cannabis over antidepressants.

Cannabis preferable to tobacco and alcohol

In the study, 12% of participants kicked their tobacco habit and chose to smoke marijuana instead. Many research has found that 80-90 percent of lung cancer cases are brought on by tobacco smoke.

It also was found that smoking moderate amounts of marijuana had no link to lung cancer. Alcohol was a big one in the list of participants. 25% of subjects have replaced alcohol with marijuana. 3% of people in the study admitted they gave up on other harmful drugs. 

The numbers are proving that cannabis is safer than other drugs, and the researchers found that authorizations for medical cannabis is expensive. In order to receive a recommendation, 25% of study participants had to pay over $300.

This doesn’t even cover the cost of medical cannabis and isn’t subsidized by financial assistance programs. About 42 percent of study participants had resorted to illegal means to get medical cannabis, by purchasing from a licensed producer. It is a sign that in Canada, access to safe cannabis products is still behind.

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