I Never Imagined That Toothpaste Could Do So Many Things. Check These 20 Amazing Tricks!

We love using natural products for cleaning - and few things are more versatile than toothpaste. 

Check out these 20 fantastic uses!

  1. Aviator goggles: Use toothpaste to clean your goggles. Apply a thin layer on your goggles to prevent fogging.
  2. Car headlights: Apply some toothpaste on a sponge and rub the headlights. This will help you remove all the dirt.
  3. Clean your carpet: Apply some toothpaste on the carpet using a sponge, and watch a miracle happening.
  4. Clean your iron: Clean your iron using toothpaste! It will look as if you bought it that day.
  5. Clean your smart phone: It may sound strange to you, but toothpaste can help you clean your phone.
  6. Clean your sneakers: Toothpastes work well on the dirty and plastic parts on your sneakers. Rub it using a sponge and wait for your miracle.
  7. Clean your thermos: Fill your thermos with some hot water and squeeze some toothpaste in it. Shake well. Your thermos will be super clean and disinfected.
  8. Dirty hands: Toothpaste is probably the best hand wash you can get.
  9. Dye stains on towels: Toothpaste will remove these stains for good.
  10. Enamel stains: Cleaning these stains with toothpaste will keep you safe from all the effort you have to pay and polish any cleaning marks. This provides a nice scent as well.
  11. Footwear: Use toothpaste to clean your footwear. Your shoes will also smell fresh.
  12. Fix CD and DVD: Rub some toothpaste onto any scratches and enjoy your music again.
  13. Hang posters: Use toothpaste as a glue. Apply a tiny amount on each corner and put your poster up. Taking it down is even easier, and it will not damage your walls.
  14. Ink stains on shirts: Apply toothpaste to the stain and let it act for 24 hours. Wash your shirt the next day.
  15. Remove car scratches: Apply some toothpaste on a soft cloth and rub it onto any scratches. Use a clean cloth to wipe off and enjoy all the shine.
  16. Silver polish: Rub a tiny amount on your silver to restore its shine. It will be even brighter than the day you bought it.
  17. Stains on tables: Clean the stains on your table by your cups and glasses.
  18. Pimples: Toothpaste helps you get rid of those nasty pimples in a good way.
  19. Whiten keys on old piano: Just as toothpaste whitens your teeth, it will do the same with your piano keys. Your piano keys will look brighter than ever.
  20. Clean your teeth. Yup - the one that's obvious!


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I Never Imagined That Toothpaste Could Do So Many Things. Check These 20 Amazing Tricks! I Never Imagined That Toothpaste Could Do So Many Things. Check These 20 Amazing Tricks! Reviewed by matt on 22:51:00 Rating: 5
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