Dad Receives One-Letter Text From His Son. Calls Him Immediately For THIS Important Reason!

Bert Fulks is just your average parent in America. Like many, he worries about his child going into his teenage years. 

That’s where the X Plan came into place. Bert, a church minister, shares his advice on parenting through online blogs. 

Having three kids has taught him much about parenting and especially working with kids who had addictions. In the support group, kids would often tell Bert that they would stay in dangerous and uncomfortable situations, only because they weren’t able to get out of it easily. 

Bert then came to a realization that its imperative children have a way out of harmful/dangerous situations. 

The X Plan

It’s natural for parents to want to teach their children to make honest and smart decisions, however they will endure tough moments in life as they age. Bert mentioned to his kids that they will be supported in a dangerous moment. This is where the X Plan comes right in. It all starts with a secret text code they can text him if they needed to leave a situation they couldn’t handle. If a text with the code was sent to him, he would come to their safety without hesitating.

Then, his son Danny used the secret plan when he was over a friend’s house. When given permission to sleepover as his friends, he said to his son,“Be good. Remember who you are. And whose you are.” His son replied, “I know. Thx.” Later on that same night, Bert received the text with the code “X” in it.

When Bert saw the message, he immediately knew that his son was reaching him for safety. Bert further explains the X Plan on his own blog.“All he has to do is text the letter X to any of us (his mother, me, his older brother or sister). The one who receives the text has a very basic script to follow.

Within a few minutes, they call Danny’s phone.

When he answers, the conversation goes like this:

“Danny, something’s come up and I have to come get you right now.”
“What happened?”
“I’ll tell you when I get there. Be ready to leave in five minutes. I’m on my way.”

At that point, Danny tells his friends that 'something’s happened at home and someone is coming to get him and he has to leave.'

Implementing The X Plan At Home

The X Plan was made to ensure kids like Danny have an alerting system to let family know when things are going wrong and need an exit. Sending a text with a typing error triggers the plan, without letting a friend know.

Bert explains that X Plan is meant to keep kids safe from peer pressure and give them peace of mind when facing a tough moment. Parents around the country and world could benefit from this strategy as it gives their kids a safety plan for leaving an uncomfortable situation.

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