Castor Oil And Baking Soda Can Heal The Body

While the benefits of castor oil have been known for centuries, they haven't been widely publicized. We're here to help fix that!

Castor oil was especially popular in ancient Egypt, mostly for purging, as it helps increase blood flow (as such, it's also sometimes suggested as a beauty aid).

We especially recommend it for joint pain, courtesy it's blood flow improving properties. To use, first clean the area with baking soda and water. 

Then after soaking a cloth in castor oil, cover the area with the cloth, then wrap with kitchen foil. Let sit for 60 minutes, then remove the wraps and rinse. Repeat daily for 40 days for best benefits.

The compress treatment above can also help with varicose veins, PMS, digestion, inflammation, and liver issues.

Check out another 23 uses of castor oil below:

  1. Applying a mix of baking soda and castor can lighten dark skin spots
  2. Applying with massage can aid removal of stretch marks
  3. Healing bruises, cuts and small wounds.
  4. Massage the scalp for new hair growth
  5. Removes pilonidal cysts
  6. Massage ankles to remove pain and improve sprain healing
  7. Consume 3 drops with water for 4 months to cure tinnitus
  8. 1 drop in the eyes cures cataract
  9. Sip 5 drops daily for allergy relief
  10. Rubbing it on your neck will treat throat nodules as you thicken the cords
  11. Allergy and conjunctivitis are cured if you rub the oil on your eyelids before sleeping
  12. 1 drop of the oil in an effected ear can remove wax plugs
  13. Sip 2 drops daily to treat nicotine addiction
  14. This remedy (2 drops daily) also cures alcoholism
  15. Massage the soles of your feet to remove calluses
  16. Apply on your belly for diarrhea relief
  17. Castor and lavender relaxes hyperactivity and muscle issues
  18. Apply on the back for cervical and lumbar pains
  19. Removes athlete’s foot or fungi
  20. Rubbed on warts makes them disappear
  21. Rubbed on chest stops snoring
  22. With baking soda it alkalizes the body
  23. 1 drops castor on bug bites stops inflammation and itching

Wow! What a list!

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