According To The CDC, Formaldehyde Is Magically Safe When Injected

Formaldehyde is a carcinogen and health threat.

Formaldehyde has been labeled a carcinogen and an agent for cancer, by the FDA, the National Cancer Institute (NCI). OSHA states that it isn’t just a carcinogen, but an agent that sensitizes and triggers a response from the immune system when exposed. Formaldehyde is a skin and eye irritant, and can agitate respiratory problems. 

Being labeled a carcinogen, there is strict regulations in place to determine safe levels of the chemical. There guidelines help to protect those ( affects those who live in FEMA housing, RV’s and new carpet flooring) at highest risk for exposure from environmental factors. The guidelines also work to protect those who work in labs, hair salons and in embalming.

OSHA advises that those who are at the highest risk of exposure, should go through yearly training to be educated about its effects. When levels of formaldehyde exceed over 0.1 ppm (parts per million) can irritate the respiratory system, while levels over 0.5 ppm warrant lots of attention and concern.

Dangers associated with formaldehyde have been a concern and with tons of information for experts, they are not stopping at delivering it to help lower exposure rates. The National Cancer Institute admits it is safer to use pressed wood like particle board, paneling and plywood, that will create ventilation to lower humidity and eliminate formaldehyde emissions. 

Its been suggested by California’s Air Resources Board that people avoid being in unventilated rooms with cigarette smoke, cosmetics (nail polish and polish hardeners),when painting or putting on new wallpaper that contain formaldehyde. Gas-heating sources like propane/wood stoves and gas/kerosene should be utilized in a vented room. They also advise people to wash permanent press clothes to help you from breathing in formaldehyde. 

Not much knowledge about injected formaldehyde

There are many studies, a majority of them, that refer the toxicity of formaldehyde as a compound thats inhaled in gas form. It has been claimed that there is no hazard as it can be easily digested. Many of our political leaders still support having low levels of the chemical in vaccines. A study based through models,“assuming metabolism at the site of injection only,” reports “formaldehyde is fully removed from the site of injection within 30 minutes,” and utilized this model data to determine that infant systemic levels mirror less than a level of one percent of environmental exposure.

It was reported by the FDA that,“There is no evidence associating cancer to exposure to small levels of formaldehyde via injection as occurs with vaccines.” The FDA fails to recognize that our babies are given more than multiple vaccines a visit. Therefore, the level of exposure to formaldehyde should be assessed, not the level of the chemical in just one vaccine.

It has been estimated by Dr. Sherri J. Tenpenny’s Integrative Medical Center, that by the time a child turns 5 years old, she or he will have been pumped with about 1.795 milligrams or 1,795 msg (micrograms), here’s how:

  • Hepatitis A-1 dose= 100 mcg per dose
  • Influenza-6 doses= 25 mcg per dose
  • Polio- 5 doses= 200 mcg per dose
  • Hepatitis B- 3 doses= 15 mcg per dose
  • DTaP- 5 doses= 100 mcg per dose

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