9 Types Of Pain That Are Connected To Stress And Emotions

Western medicine frequently ignores the long understood truth of other traditions, that everything in our body is connected - physical, mental, and emotional health are all different parts of the same us. 

We're here with 9 different types of pain, and what stress and emotion those pains may be linked to.

Check out the list below:

Head pain: Headaches are frequently the result of too much everyday stress. Consider meditation and other guided relaxation techniques, as well as taking a step back from your stress-inducers.

Neck pain: Neck pain may result from unresolved issues where you haven't been able to forgive and let go. Meditation can also be helpful here, as well as learning to focus on what you love in others, rather than what bothers you.

Shoulder pain: Shoulder pain may result from unresolved emotional baggage. Journaling or even therapy can be helpful here, as can sharing with trusted friends.

Upper back pain: Feeling unloved or alone emotionally can manifest as back pain. Cherish the relationships that are important to you, and build strong friendships.

Lower back pain: Financial difficulties can manifest as lower back pain. Better budgeting or a stark reexamining of your life goals and current position may be helpful here.

Elbow pain: This may be the result of being stuck in a rut, emotionally and mentally. Try shaking things up.

Hand pain: This may be the result of selfishness. Learn to share of yourself with others.

Hip pain: Stuck hips can symbolize a stuck life. Don't be so afraid of making decisions and taking charge of your life!

Knee pain: Ego issues, and a failure to rely on others, may manifest as knee pain. Remember how we all need each other.

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