1 Cup of THIS Will Put You to Sleep in Under 1 Minute!

Are you suffering from insomnia? Well, you aren’t the only one. 

There are millions of Americans who fail to get an evenings rest. That all adds up to an estimated $63 billion lost in work performance from lack of sleep. Many may resort to sleep aids and medications that are habit-forming. 

Many of them also come with many side effects such as attention deficit, constipation, dizziness and heartburn. There are natural ways to help get a good nights sleep. So, you won’t have to fully rely on the pharmaceutical industry. All you need is some ingredients found in your home that can help.

Natural Sleep Aid Recipe


1 tsp of honey
6 oz of almond milk or organic, hormone-free, dairy-free milk. 
1 drop of vanilla extract

When prepping this, make sure you heat the milk in a saucepan. Don’t let the milk boil, only to warm it up. After a few minutes, pour it in a glass with vanilla and honey. After, mix it all together and drink before bedtime. 

How does it work?

This mixture works by improving sleep and calming the body enough for it to sleep. Let’s examine what each of these ingredients have to contribute in this sleep aid. 


In a study conducted in 1991, it was revealed that the smell of vanilla could help the mind to relax. MRI scans were done during the test that examined 85 participants. All of them had brain activity linked to relaxation and lowered anxiety. It is helpful to smell vanilla as it helps calm the mind. Vanilla also helps with sleep apnea as researchers in France discovered that sleep apnea episodes dropped 36% in the first day of exposure to vanilla.


Milk is filled with protein and an amino acid named tryptophan. This amino acid helps to promote the production of melatonin and serotonin, making it a great sedative. 


It was discovered in a random, placebo-controlled study, that honey is a good sleep-aid. The reason for that is glycogen. This compound is vital to liver function, and it lowers during the day. This triggers the brain, while you are resting, to wake up and sleep walk to the fridge for glycogen-rich foods. Honey promotes a chemical reaction that aids in the production of melatonin in the brain.

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1 Cup of THIS Will Put You to Sleep in Under 1 Minute! 1 Cup of THIS Will Put You to Sleep in Under 1 Minute! Reviewed by Jamm Real on 19:45:00 Rating: 5
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