USDA Drops Plan to Test for Monsanto Weed Killer in Food

As EcoWatch and others are reporting, the rolling back of consumer protections to protect big business has already begin - and we're less safe as a result.

As EcoWatch reports, the USDA's plans to test certain foods for glyphosate residue has been quietly scrapped, even as the program had been jointly planned with the EPA.

This despite the program still being a go for launch on January 11th, when the USDA's Dianna Hayes wrote to colleagues within the USDA that 

Based on recent conversations with EPA, we will begin testing corn syrup for glyphosate and its AMPA metabolite April 1, 2017 with collection ending August 31, 2017. This program change will need to be announced at the February PDP Conference Call.

Of course, one of the USDA's explanations is a direct copy of Monsanto's one defense of glyphosate - that testing for it would be a waste of money, since it's already been found safe. 

Yup, and big business has never lied about the safety of a product before!

Even the FDA tests of glyphosate levels now appear in limbo. It's getting harder and harder to tell where the line between business and government is, isn't it?

You can read more in EcoWatch's report here.

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