These Brands Are Owned By Monsanto! Avoid Them!

If you read regularly here, you know how we feel about Monsanto. In fact, most of the world feels this way - they're the third-most hated company in the entire world, and the only food company on the "worst 10" list  - alongside such shady companies as BP.

Of course, as such a hated company, Monsanto is probably wise not to display their brand prominently. Even Roundup - the product for which they're best known - doesn't display any visible Monsanto logo on the packaging.

The same secrecy extends to the many brands owned by Monsanto. Check out the full list below:

As a result, many sites such as True Activist are recommending a full boycott of the brands above.

You don't need us to spell out Monsanto's many sins against Earth, because you've seen it here time and time again, so instead we'll ask just this: Are those companies above what you want to support with your dollars?

Yeah, we didn't think so.

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