Solar-Powered Handheld Vessel Can Turn Hot Air Into Cool Drinking Water

In a time period where humans are taking more than giving back, it’s imperative that developers create sustainable solutions the world is facing or will be in trouble in the future. 

Our water crisis on this planet is impacting everything, and its caused by climate change and high levels of human population, calls for new ways to make water when natural resources are scarce, so people won’t die from dehydration. It is reported that by 2040, 33 countries will face stress on their water supply, and many of those nations have expanded arid land with no sources of water at all. Information like this, inspired Ap Verheggen, a designer from the Netherlands, to develop his newest idea in addressing the issues with water. 

His design, an artistic statue named the SunGlacier, was erected with technology that produces cold drinking water from condensation using solar power for a community. The new design, a handheld vessel named the WaterDrop, works in a similar fashion, but is for personal use. Ap explains, “If temperatures rise, the air contains more water. Normally, higher temperatures also mean more sunshine. So, why not focus on harvesting water out of the air, powered only by renewable solar energy? In this way drinking water and water for agriculture become available in most dry parts of the planet.”

Scientifically speaking, photovoltaic modules on the outside of the device would absorb solar energy through the entire day, which can then be used to cool air and produce condensation while pushing airflow through a canister with a fan. Water drops that are produced would be collected in a small part of the device. Ap recommends that if the device comes to fruition, there should be small rocks added in order to provide necessary minerals. Yes, Ap realizes that, “It is still science-fiction, but for sure PV cells increase in efficiency, (only a matter of time) next to the speeding development of materials that store the cold of the night to help pre-cool the inlet-air during [the] daytime.”

The designer has moved forward from the “what if?” part of designing highly-sustainable products and is showing them to the world. Since solar technology is developing and improving, there is no need to be waiting for new technology to be released when it can be designed by you. Even though he doesn’t have the know-how to make this product on his own, Ap says, “There’s no sense to be pessimistic about the future. With my projects, I want to show people that there are solutions, but you have to cross a certain border, and I feel that art is the perfect vehicle to break through the border.”

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Solar-Powered Handheld Vessel Can Turn Hot Air Into Cool Drinking Water Solar-Powered Handheld Vessel Can Turn Hot Air Into Cool Drinking Water Reviewed by Jamm Real on 08:15:00 Rating: 5
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