Passion for Eating Healthy Food Declared a Mental Disorder by 'Expert' Psychiatrists...

It's no secret to tens of millions of Americans that we could eat healthier, and that GMO foods aren't good for us. That part is pretty obvious.

Of course, there's also a way to find a healthy balance. Natural News is reporting that some psychiatrists are now stating that a fixation on food should be classified as a mental disorder, which they've named orthorexia nervosa. Being a conspiracy-driven site, of course, they present it as a conspiracy driven by big food, lobbyists, and probably the illuminati, too.

Scientists at the University of Northern Colorado came to the conclusion, at the end of their case study on eating attitudes, that fixating on clean-food can be a mental health issue, which can be exacerbated by fixating on food to the detriment of everything else.

Well, duh! Fixating on anything isn't healthy - healthy lives require balance and perspective. Claiming otherwise is zealotry! (No, really: Look up the definition of zealot.)

Co-author of the recent study, Thomas Dunn, an associate professor at the University of Northern Colorado, notes:
Such draconian diets can lack essential nutrients, and they make the vitamins and minerals a person does get from meals of exclusively, say, leafy greens, impossible for the body to absorb. This can lead to fragile bones, hormonal shifts, and cardiac problems, along with psychological distress and entrenched, delusional thinking.

Dunn and the other researchers suggested that meeting two or more of the following parameters might constitute an unhealthy obsession:
1. You consume a nutritionally unbalanced diet because of concerns about "food purity." 

2. You're preoccupied about how eating impure or unhealthy foods will affect your physical or emotional health. 
3. You rigidly avoid any food you deem to be "unhealthy," such as those containing fat, preservatives, additives or animal products. 
4. You spend three or more hours per day reading about, acquiring or preparing certain kinds of food you believe to be "pure." 
5. You feel guilty if you eat foods you believe to be "impure." 
6. You're intolerant of other's food beliefs. 
7. You spend an excessive proportion of your income on "pure" foods.
That sounds pretty rational to me - balance in life is important! And spending three hours or more a day fixated on anything - food or otherwise - probably isn't very good for your mental health.

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