How Monsanto Promotes Worldwide Infertility

We all know Monsanto is bad - really, really bad, and many would argue their business is evil. But according to Dr Joseph Mercola and others, that evil extends to promoting infertility as a result of their products.

We're all well familiar with the dangers of their many chemicals, such as DDT, Agent Orange, aspartame, Roundup, and dioxin, but you may not know how those chemicals affect fertility and the womb.

To begin, we need to look at the history of PCBs - polychlorinated biphenyls, which are also recognized as a probable human carcinogen, meaning science supports the idea that they cause cancer. Now, Monsanto has been one of the largest PCB producers since the 1920s, up until they were officially banned in the 1970s; Monsanto didn't pull PCBs until 1977.

We're still feeling the effects of those chemicals today, as we know now that not even the placenta can shield the fetus from chemicals to which the mother is subjected.

That brings us to BBP - butyl benzyl phthalate - or another toxic chemical on which Monsanto relies heavily.  BBP is stored in fat - meaning it doesn't go away - and may result in infertility.

Monsanto, of course, denies any and all possibility of wrongdoing, and they have the lawyers to fight for years and years - as they likely will. 

Their contributions in the form of PCBs, BBPs, and other toxic chemicals are ruining our earth, though. You can read more via Mercola's original argument here.

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