A Little Innocuous Weed is one of the Most Useful Medicine on the Planet!

This weed is found to be one of the most useful medicines on our planet, just waiting to be harvested. 

In British Columbia, Canada there are two types of plantain: Broadleaf and Lance. All 200-plus varieties of plantain yield the same results. It grows in poor, rocky soil (such as driveways) and is often seen next to dandelion. 

More often than not, you will see plantain growing in gravel pits and construction sites as nature seeks to regenerate the soil. Introduced to North America in the 1600s, it was once called “White Man’s Foot” by the Native Americans who witnessed that where the Europeans traveled, plantain had grown. 

Plantain is a remedy for hikers affected by itchy, swelling mosquitos bites. It draws toxins from the body with its astringent nature, making those bites go away. Plantain can be crushed (or chewed) and placed directly over the site of bee stings, bug bites, acne, slivers, glass splinters, or rashes.

Bandage the area and allow it to work its magic for 4-12 hours. Plantain may also be used to create a balm for emergency kits, or an infusion used as a skin or general wash. It is also a popular, soothing remedy for hemorrhoids.

Plantain is renowned for its healing effect on the digestive system. 

This is especially useful for anyone who has been damaged by antibiotics, anti-inflammatory or pain medications, food allergies, or Celiac disease.

Both leaves and seeds specifically target the digestive system for healing. The leaves may be steeped as tea, added to soups, or dried with a sauce similar to kale chips. The seeds – a type of psyllium – can be ground or soaked for bulk mucilage or absorbable fibre, which, consumed before meals, may help with weight loss.

With plantain being a gentle expectorant and high in silica, infusion is beneficial in alleviating coughs, lung problems, and colds.

Plantains are exactly similar to panacea for our bodies, that treats anything from digestive issues to menstrual problems, arthritis and skin problems. Add to your salads, chew to ease thirst, or enjoy in a nice stir-fry.

Being a versatile veggie, it will aid in maintaining your good health for a long time!

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A Little Innocuous Weed is one of the Most Useful Medicine on the Planet! A Little Innocuous Weed is one of the Most Useful Medicine on the Planet! Reviewed by Jamm Real on 20:16:00 Rating: 5
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