8 Heartbreaking Photos Exposing Zoos As Animal Prisons

There are little to few animals in zoos that are deemed endangered while the rest are for the purpose of entertaining people. 

“Captive” by Gaston Lacombe exploits the issue much further in finding that zoo’s are collecting rather than conserving animals. As PETA says, animals in captive “spend much of their time pacing, walking in tight circles, swaying or rolling their heads, and showing other signs of psychological distress.” Animals thrive in the wild and in their natural habit, than residing in a poorly made and artificial environment. 

What may be beneficial for us, may not be for the animals at all. Using them for entertainment rather than for conservation is whats unfair. With many animals not endangered, they are being wrongly held in these parks. It should be ultimately reserved for exotic species that are on the tip of going extinct.

However, there are organizations that help in preserving life for endangered animals. For an example, the San Diego Zoo takes care of Nola, who is one of the last Northern White Rhinos in the world. If she wasn’t held captive, she’d be killed by poachers in just a few days. 

When looking into the bigger picture, it’s rare for zoo’s to consider the investment of an animals wellbeing in the long term, and this is why many wild animals have shorter life expectancy than wild animals. This was what Gaston Lacombe tried to relay in his series “Captive.” The pictures down below exploit the conditions the animals live in each day. 

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