UPDATE: Science Teacher Found Guilty For Saying THIS about Vaccines At School

Last week we provided you all with the story of Tim Sullivan, a science teacher in Canada who went before a disciplinary committee for questioning vaccines at his school ( He taught them to question the vaccines too). 

On February 22nd he was found guilty of professional misconduct by the independent disciplinary committee. He is guilty of 5 acts, including the abuse of students, psychologically or emotionally. 

Even though the school has openly accused him of shouting at the public health nurse while informing students they would die if they took the administered vaccines. He says that he left his class to speak with nurses once and told just one student that one side effect from one vaccine is death. Mr. Sullivan still maintains that students were not relayed any information for the consent of these vaccines, including any information on their side effects. He believes he did what he had to do with their best interests in his mind. 

From the article: “On Tuesday, Angela Swick, a nurse with the Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit, told the hearing she felt threatened and intimidated by Sullivan’s three visits to the cafeteria where she and her colleagues were giving vaccines to students. She said she felt “uneasy” about the interactions with Sullivan and said he accused her of withholding information from the students about the vaccines they were taking.”

The employer for Mr. Sullivan is looking to penalize him with the inclusion of a one-month suspension and and participation in an anger management course. They won’t make the decision to revoke his license =, should he attend those classes. Sullivan says in his closing argument that,“If asking uncomfortable questions makes me disgraceful … then I’m guilty as charged.”

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