The Benefits Of The Banana Flower

Banana flowers are amazing, but not particularly well-known. Fortunately, we're here to educate!

Banana flowers have the following health benefits:

  • Healing ulcer
  • Healing anemia
  • Stronger uterus
  • Soothed constipation
  • Regular menstruation cycle
  • Better kidney work
  • Lower hypertension
  • Great addition for breastfeeding women and diabetics

We recommend using banana flowers in curry!


  • Take a pan and put oil, 2 tbsp. then add mustard seeds and let it sputter
  • Add sliced green chilies and onions and fry well
  • Add the banana flower and also add salt, curry leaves, coriander, and turmeric
  • Add water in the end and cover with lid
  • After some time, open this and add crushed coconut, stir well


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