San Diego To Become Largest U.S. City To Run Entirely On Renewable Energy

The city of San Diego intends to be running on 100% renewable energy by 2035. 

Under this promising plan, 90% of all total waste will be composted and recycled, while 50% of all vehicles sold will be electric models. San Diego is particularly famous for its delicious food, nice beaches, and conscious populace. According to Climate Action Program, the city in California will move forward with this ambitious plan to run on 100% renewable energy by 2035. Through this unique process, residents of the city hope to lower their greenhouse gas emissions by 50%.

The Climate Action Plan has been endorsed by Mayor Kevin Faulconer and unanimously approved by its democrat-run city council in December 2015. The city wants to aim for total use of wind and solar power to achieve its target goal. San Diego already has the most solar panels than many cities in America, so accomplishing this goal won’t be so hard to do. In 2015, San Diego had built more solar installations by 76.6%. The city is 2nd in the nation for a third consecutive year, according to Environment California. 

This plan will call for half of the vehicles owned in the city, to be electric or close to 100% of methane from sewage and water treatment to be recycled for use. To lower the use of vehicles, the city of San Diego proposes to make investments in public transportation and bicycling infrastructure around the city. One of the goals in the plan includes composting 90% of waste or recycling it. 

In the Climate Action Plan’s introduction, Faulconer wrote:

Today, we are faced with an issue that affects us all. Our city’s responsibility is to ensure a clean, sustainable San Diego for generations to come. San Diegan’s from different backgrounds are coming together to proactively address environmental concerns, strengthen our economy and improve our quality of life.

When The Guardian interviewed Mr. Faulconer, he made it blatantly obvious that many cities across the nation such as San Francisco and New York-are really tired of waiting on federal mandates to invest in cleaner, renewable energy. He states,“Cities are leading the federal government… They are leading on innovation and policy. The technology is advancing incredibly quickly. We need to have our eyes wide open on this.” 

If the city of San Diego makes it and succeeds with its ambitious plan, it will be joining the list of cities around the globe that have full commitment to powering their countries with clean, renewable energy. These cities include Las Vegas, Vancouver, Sydney, San Francisco, and Copenhagen. 

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