Remove Every Poison from the Body in Just 2 Days with This Weekend Detox Plan

If you're consistently feeling worn down and out of energy, or otherwise feel like junk, it may be time for a detox. And don't worry if you don't have time for a full detox - we're here with a weekend version that works just as well in far less time!

Toxins in your body may be contributing to your lack of energy, and may make you more prone to viruses, the flu, or infections. This detox plan will help you get your energy back by cleansing your organs, like the liver, kidneys, lungs, lymph, and intestines.

It's best to do this a couple of times each year; the effects will amaze you. And for even better results, consider adding birch, nettle, and dandelion tea, as well as regular workouts like swimming or walking, as the activity will help flush out your system.

Also, each day, after you wake up but before you eat or drink anything else, drink 250 ml of warm water, as it'll help get your body going and kickstart your gastrointenstinal processes.


Breakfast: warm water,  oat flakes 1 cup and linseed spoonful, greek yogurt 250 ml or green tea, fresh blueberries ½ cup, 200 ml diet yogurt or almond milk.

Lunch: water 250 ml, salad 2 cups (tomato, green, arugula), grill hake 250 g, Swiss chard and olive oil + potato, small banana and melon slice.

Snack: water 250 ml and apple, 180 ml yogurt, ¼ cup pumpkin seeds.

Dinner: water or anise tea 250 ml, salad 2 cups (lemon juice and olive oil too), integral pastry, grill tuna 150 g, ½ cup steamed veggies (spinach and broccoli).


Breakfast: 1 cup oat flakes, linseed spoonful, 200 ml almond milk, or diet yogurt, pear and green tea.

Snack: grapefruit

Lunch: water 250 ml, veggie soup (pepper, beans, potato, carrot, onion, celery), 200 g grill chicken, pickles 150 g.

Dinner: integral pastry, nettle tea, beet and carrots with lemon juice.

By the end of the weekend, you'll feel so much better!

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