Kmart And Sears Just Dropped Trump’s Brand

Two big box retailers have decided to stop selling Donald Trump’s brand of home products from their websites, as backlash builds against his administration.

The Trump Home Line, which is owned by the Trump Organization, is no longer available on the Kmart or Sears websites, according to Business Insider. Sears insists that the decision is not political in nature, as demand for Trump-branded products has dropped significantly.

“As part of the company’s initiative to optimize its online product assortment, we constantly refine that assortment to focus on our most profitable items,” Sears told Business Insider. “Amid that streamlining effort, 31 Trump Home items were among the items removed online this week.”

Shannon Coulter, who co-founded the viral #GrabYourWallet campaign, confirmed that Trump Home items were in fact pulled from the Sears website. However, it is still unknown if Trump-branded products are still on the shelves in the chain’s physical locations.

Kmart’s website yields the same result when searching for “Trump Home” products. However, third-party vendors not directly affiliated with the stores are still selling Trump products as of this writing.

The Trump family has been reeling from a wide variety of big box retailers refusing to sell their products. High-end stores like Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom both recently stopped selling products from Ivanka Trump’s clothing and apparel line. The Wall Street Journal reported that sales of Ivanka Trump’s products dropped by 70 percent in the last three weeks of October, just prior to the general election.

Nordstrom’s decision to drop Ivanka’s products prompted President Trump to fire off an angry tweet at Nordstrom for ceasing to do business with his daughter. Nordstrom’s stock surged by 7 percent following Trump’s attack.

This article was originally written by Zach Cartwright by US Uncut

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