Fight off Colds and Bronchitis with This Banana & Honey Mixture

This mixture of banana and honey will be your lifesaver in the winter season. 

You can use it as a prevention from colds and the flu virus. The recipe is simple and will be easy to make. People enjoy this concoction as it contains old ingredients that were utilized to help treat a sore throat and lungs. 

Honey is known to have soothing effects on the lugs and throat. It is a proven cough suppressant and acts as a weapon against bronchitis. The anti-oxidants in bananas are great for adults and children. The taste is sweet and will make you wish you could edit tit everyday. 

Let’s look at the recipe:


◦ 400 ml boiling water
◦ Two medium ripe bananas with dots
◦ Two tablespoons 100% natural raw honey


◦ Peel the ripe bananas
◦ Mash them with a wooden spoon
◦ Put the bananas in a pot and add the water
◦ Let it sit for 30 minutes
◦ Add honey after the remedy completely cools down
◦ Stir the mixture

NOTE: Make sure to add honey last because when added while hot, the honey will lose its anti-oxidant properties.


◦ You need to drink 100 ml of this remedy four times a day
◦ Prepare it fresh every day, every morning.
◦ You will be able to see the first results in a week

There you go! It’s healthy and appetizing! It will protect you and your immunity. Share this with your friends and family!

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