5 Diseases Cannabis Treats Better Than Prescription Drugs

Its not a huge secret that big pharma doesn’t want cannabis to be legalized nationwide. 

There are researchers that are well-aware of the benefits of the natural plant and are afraid that their chemically-processed drugs will be substituted with a healthier option. Many people are skeptic on the potential of cannabis, however, scientists aren’t. There are 5 diseases that respond greatly to cannabis treatment, than any other drug on the market, without any adverse effects. 

1. Cancer

Cannabis not only eliminates cancer cells, it also stops the growth of cancerous tumors. It is the Cannabinoids in marijuana that aggressively attack diseased cells, which protects users from having any complications due to their illness.

Recent research has concluded that cannabis deactivates the gene that is highly responsible for metastasizing cells into cancer, which ends all chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Scientist are confident that the proactive properties within cannabis helps deteriorate and slow down abnormal growths. 

2. Epilepsy

Epilepsy medication is known to have concerning side-effects that make you want to look into an alternative that will greatly help. Popular prescription drugs such as Felbamate, Primidone, Clonazepam, Tiagabine and Phenobarbital, have side effects like depression, loss of appetite and exhaustion. There are new studies that show correlating links between these popular prescriptions and psychoses. Its been proven that cannabis can aid in those who are restless and have a loss of appetite.

Depression is a popular condition that cannabis is known to help treat, as it reduces the symptoms of it. 

3. Fibromyalgia (FM)

Cannabis is perfect for alleviating fibromyalgia symptoms than most leading prescription drugs on the market. A study from The National Pain Foundation and NationalPainReport.com, 1,300 patients with Fibromyalgia were questioned about their medical treatments.

Only 379 participants admitted that they used cannabis for therapeutic reasons, and of that 379, 62% said the medication was “very effective” at reducing the symptoms. Now, compare that to the 10% of “very effective” results from Savella and Lyrica, and just 8% from Cymbalta. 

4. Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Prescription drugs that are utilized in treating multiple sclerosis are very harmful and dangerous. The FDA has released a statement to patients that use the drug Gilenya, saying that this medication has been proven to lead to increased risks of a brain infection. With many MS treatments, the problem lies within its designed ability to prevent white blood cells from attacking your nerves.

Normally, white blood cells help in protecting the body from disease and infections. When white blood cells are blocked by the prescription drugs, they lead to higher risks of developing other illnesses that are serious in nature, and can cause more irreversible damage than MS could. 

In the UK, a half and half mixture of THC extracts and CBD have been legalized, and in more than 20 countries as well, as a proper form of efficient treatment designed to stop spasticity and pain associated with multiple sclerosis. 

5. Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD, ADD)

Medication for ADD and ADHS are highly addictive and habit forming. When it comes to prescription abuse, the chances are greater than other treatments. Methamphetamines such as Ritalin, Adderall and Vyvanse are used to stop added stimulation and improve attention spans.

Commonly sold on the streets, Ritalin and Adderall are a form of speed. If those who don’t need it, use the medication, it will provide them with a surge of energy that lasts from 6-8 hours. Next to the abuse potential, these stimulants have proven to show an increased risk of hallucinations and psychosis. Cannabis is able to eliminate excess levels of dopamine, which overstimulates the brain, leading to a diagnosis of ADD/ADHD without any side effects or potential for abuse.

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