13 Things That Will Happen After Eating Ginger Daily

If you don't regularly eat ginger, you're missing out - and we're here to tell you about thirteen key benefits you can add by eating ginger daily!

Ginger originates in China, but is today used worldwide - both in medicine and in food. As a spice, it can be added to savory dishes, sweets, and is also used in many drinks.

Check out thirteen key benefits of daily ginger consumption below!

1. Fighting cancer: Ginger can help lower intestine and colon inflammation, and reduces colon cancer risk, too.

2. Less inflammation: Cell inflammation is treated by ginger due to the gingerols inside. This removes pain and swelling in muscles in cases of arthritis and muscle pain.

3. No acid reflux: A study in the journal Molecular Research and Food Nutrition said the ginger items can be up to 6 times better than acid blocking drugs, which may damage the belly lining.

4. No morning sickness: For pregnant women, it is best to talk with a doctor first before trying this, but some women have said ginger lowered their nausea occasions and vomiting.

5. Less sore throats and coughs: Slice the ginger and add it in boiling water, then add honey and lemon. This also removes nasal congestion.

6. Better digestion: If you have an upset belly, boil ginger chunks for a few minutes and after this add honey for taste, as both ginger and honey can help calm upset stomachs.

7. No headache: If you have a migraine, ginger, cayenne, and mint will do the job. Use a pinch cayenne, 1 tsp dry mint, and a few ginger slices in water; bring to simmer, then add honey for taste as the drink cools.

8. Soothing toothache: Rubbing raw ginger on the gums can help alleviate mouth pain.

9. Better blood flow: Grate 50 g ginger to make juice, then add to 5 liters hot water. Apply to needed area to remove toxin residue.

10. Prevent nausea and vomiting post-operation:  Chewing ginger can help!

11. Appetite and digestion aid: Chew ginger before meals to make more digestion juices and improve appetite, as well as aid in digestion.

12. Muscle strains and aches: For muscle strains, mix ginger paste and turmeric and rub where is needed, twice daily.

13. Blood sugar balance: Have a glass of ginger water every morning for leveled blood glucose.

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