Stop Removing Chicken Skin, It’s Actually Good for You

You've probably heard that chicken skin is bad for your health, but we're to tell: That's not so!

Health experts at the University of Harvard have confirmed that eating chicken skin, particularly in moderation, will not cause health problems - and actually has several health benefits, including the following:

  • It's good for the heart. Like avocados, chicken skin contain unsaturated fat, which is heart-healthy.
  • It doesn't add many calories. In fact, a 12-oz serving of chicken with the skin is only 50 more calories than a skinless chicken of the same size.
  • It's flavorful! And everyone likes good flavors. Additionally, eating the chicken skin may cut down on the salt you add to your chicken.
  • Not much oil is absorbed. While you may worry about your chicken being oily when cooking at high temperatures, leaving the skin on helps protect the chicken - and helps seal moisture inside.
Eating chicken skins is a definite pleasure, and keeping these health benefits in mind, isn't one you should keep from yourselves. Just remember to practice moderation, and to avoid charred skin.

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