New Science: DNA Begins As A Quantum Wave

A strand of DNA from one single cell holds enough vital information to make a cloned organism.  

Through our understanding of DNA, it has allowed us to understand quite a bit about life and our whole universe. There is an understanding in new science that DNA is in fact, in a wave form rather than a molecule. What’s even more shocking, is that the wave exists as a pattern that is within time and space, and coded in the whole universe.

As we are around pulsating waves of unseeable genetic data, it is those waves that form a very-small gravitational pull, that takes in atoms and other molecules from the environment they are in to build DNA. The scientist who found these micro gravitational forces in action, is Dr. Sergey Leikin. It was in 2008, when Dr. Leikin put different DNA types in salt water and then labeled the different DNA types with other fluorescent colors. It was at that point where the DNA molecules had been scattered in the water. It was found, as a surprise that similar-matching DNA molecules had started to pair up together. It wasn’t up until a short amount of time, where clusters of the exact same colored-DNA molecules were matched together. Dr. Leikin thinks that an electromagnetic charge had allowed similar-colored molecules to form and cluster together. Even though its mostly gravity, other experiments have proven that this isn’t the case at all. Let’s go through an explanation of this.

Dr. Luc Montagnier, a Nobel Prize winner, showed in 2011 that both hydrogen and oxygen, when together can form DNA. To start, a well-tight sealed tube of pure filtered water and another tube placed next to it, which will have small amounts of DNA in the water. Then, Dr. Montagnier electrifies the two tubes with a 7 hertz electromagnetic field and waited patiently for results. It took 18 hours to see the results he had hoped for. It was then that he would find small pieces of DNA had formed in the tube that was filled with sterilized water.

This new information conveys to us that our universe is simultaneously creating biological life at wherever it can and whenever. In the universe, the invisible microgravitational waves will start to put molecules and atoms together to build DNA and life. Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp had found another discovery, in which he finds DNA in the act of retrieving photons (small bits of energy that make up visible light). Recent scientific findings prove that photons are imperative to the health and well-being of DNA and are used to transmit and accept information through the whole body. Dr. Popp then saw that every DNA molecule can store a thousand photons inside its own self, which is  also very similar to a teeny fiber-optic cable. Then at the speed of light, photons then shot back and forth in the molecule.  So, when they aren’t being utilized, they will be stored away.

Dr. Peter Gariaev, a Russian scientist, discovered in 1984 that once a molecule of DNA was put into a small quartz container, that it would attract back every photon that was in the room. A good analogy to explain this, would be of one person who is standing straight in a sports stadium. He is having every photon bending directly to him, leaving his body a glow of light, while the stadium he is in goes into the dark. 

In todays traditional science, only gravity around a blackhole can light be bent. It shows that by DNA forming a microgravitational effect, it ends up attracting and retrieving light. The first experiment by Dr. Leikin shows that it isn’t at all likely that a electrical charge forced or allowed similar DNA molecules to come together, it was gravity. Moving through outer space, these electrical charges haven’t been able to bend light while traveling. 

When Dr. Gariaev thought his experiment was over, something incredible happened. He retrieved the DNA from a quartz container and examined to find that these photons were spiraling exactly in the similar spot the DNA had been in. It appears that some gravitational influence was keeping photons right where the DNA was. Also known as the “DNA phantom effect”. Finally, DNA creates an absorbing energy force that pulls in photons straight inside the molecule, and the DNA itself isn’t needed at all. It’s an unseeable force, a wave, that can attract and hold photons there all by itself. 

It was Dr. Gariaev who found that he could “blast” the phantom with below-freezing, cold-liquid nitrogen, and then the photons flee from the force field. After between five to eight minutes, new photons would be captured as the phantom would reappear. 

He could keep doing this to keep creating new photons. He can do as much as wanted, new photons would still keep appearing. After doing this for thirty days, the photons would stop reappearing. 

Even though this experiment was conducted over 30 years ago, the significance of its effect hasn’t been felt to this day. The first two experiments after, are still brand new as they were done right after the 30+ year old experiment conducted by Dr. Leikin. 

As our views change, the universe and life change only to be further understood by more people. Through science, each day we learn new things about our universe and life. 

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