How Salt Lamps Improve Mental Clarity And Sleep Cycles

Is salt just salt? Well, lets find out!

No. It has been found that there is a complete difference in various salts compared to the most healthiest, Himalayan pink salt.

This healthy salt is a healthier option for you than the old regular table salt we have all come to know in our lives. Believe it or not, Himalayan pink salt is found to be loaded with potassium, calcium, iron and potassium. It isn’t just beneficial for your health when consumed— having this healthy choice around you in your daily life has enough abundant health effects too.

Himalayan Salt Lamps

These pink-yet, not so much of a dark shade of pink, calming lamps are favored just for their remarkable effects on mental and physical health.

These lamps, made from chunks of Himalayan salt, have been a favorite on the market for a long time. They are said to help with insomnia, allergies, migraines and other various conditions. According to G.S. Rahi, an assistant professor of Physical Science at Fayetteville State University, “human beings, just as all other living systems, are bioelectric in nature. “This means that your electrically charged particles affect the way you feel and act.

Both positive and negative ions contribute to your perceptions and sensations, which actually affects mental attitude, efficiency, physical health, emotional health and well-being.

If you place Himalayan salt lamps around your house, they can allow your body to find balance by reducing unhealthy positive ions. This has been found to lead to quick and remarkable results.

Pierce Howard, PHD, even agrees that negative ions are beneficial for your own health. By increasing the oxygen flow to your brain, it also will provide you with a sense of alertness and more mental energy that helps curb drowsiness. While it regulates your energy levels, they also work to keep our sleep cycles stable. By keeping your sleep cycle stable, you will be able to stay asleep effectively, which will in turn give you a sense of alertness during your day. 

These lamps are even found to reduce certain health ailments. By protecting you from germs in the air, it can eliminate sneezing, throat irritations and even coughs. Some disagree with this claim, saying that salt lamps cannot improve air quality at all or lead to health benefits, because it lacks oxygen atoms, has only one sodium and one chloride atom inside its molecule. Sodium isn’t a positive ion, its negative. Chloride is a positive ion. In order to have a beneficial effect, there has to be a surplus of negative ions. However, these Himalayan salt lamps don’t have a surplus of negative ions at all. 

When examined with an ion detector, various brands of Himalayan salt lamps had been found to have more negative ions outside the lamp. The detectors found such a small amount of negative ions near the lamp, that they were unable to tell the exact level of ions at all. All this research is pretty mixed up. In practice though, people who use Himalayan salt lamps tend to experience amazing benefits and even magical relief from ailments.

Since having one of these lamps around the house, I feel that more of a sense of calmness is consuming me. I don’t know if its the color or the salt—I have no idea, but I’m in love with mine. Perhaps the best is for you to try it out for yourself!

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