Here's How Lack Of Sleep Changes Your Brain - Doctors Say It's Similar to Torture!

Sleep is best and worst necessary activity we all take part in everyday. Without sleep we wouldn't be able to re energize our bodies and could be very dangerous for your mental health. 

At different points in our life, our sleep schedules can change dramatically. Research has shown people at a younger age from 0-5 should be getting at least 12-14 hours of sleep each day. From 6-10 we need about 10-12 hours. From 11-15 we need about 8-10 hours and when your an adult 16 and up you need at least 6-8 hours to keep a healthy mind and body. Everybody is different and some need more sleep than others, but however much sleep we get we need it to survive. 

Not only is your mind affected from a lack of sleep but your body and physical appearance as well. Sleep deprivation can cause you to be sluggish, low in energy, moody, prone to illness and can even effect your metabolism. From a lack of sleep your body and mind could experience these following side effects. Doctors are even saying that a lack of sleep is a form of mental torture.

1. Faster Aging 

Aside from obesity and fatal diseases, sleep deprivation is one of the common causes of dementia. practicing this bad habit long term can lead to an early death. You can age faster than you know it because your metabolism stops working properly. 

2. Bad Brain Processing 

Not getting enough sleep could cause your brain to malfunction. This is because there could be a lack of blood in your frontal lobe. As this happens, your brain waves begin to slow down and the result is that you become like a lost teenager. Your decision - making is affected and you may find it hard to think clearly. 

3. Dirty Brain

An active brain is like a busy machine that could get dirty. This is why you need sleep to encourage the cerebrospinal to get rid of the "dirt" and send it to the liver to get flushed out. If you do not get enough sleep your brain will stay dirty and this does equate to staying healthy. 

4. Stress Multiplier

When your tired and sleepy, your routine tasks, such as grocery shopping, driving to and from work, walking the dog, etc. can seem very overwhelming. Your stres threshold will lower which could in turn lead to depression. 

If you don't think sleep is a big deal you may want to think again. Sleep is so important. Your mind is like a battery and sleep recharges it to keep you healthy and your body awake and ready to go. Try to get as much sleep as you can each night and this will in turn lead to a healthy life. 

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