Firecrackers: Easiest, Naturally Medicated Edibles Ever!

Edibles are the alternative way to consume marijuana without smoking it. 

There are a variety of ways and different foods to make marijuana edibles into. From candy to desert or main dishes to even drinks, the list goes on. If your not much of cook though that's understandable. We have the perfect marijuana edible snack that's quick and simple to make. It's called "The Firecracker."

All you need to make this delicious treat or multiple at that is your favorite crackers, some nutella and of course some marijuana. 

Now you're all set to bake!

Melting butter and smearing it on your crackers with Nutella is just about the hardest part. 

All you have to do after that is sprinkle your weed on and put it in the oven. After that, you have made some delicious, marijuana edible treats. 

It should only take you about an hour to prepare, and then you have all the time in the world to enjoy afterwards.

The video below will explain further how to make these amazing snacks!

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Firecrackers: Easiest, Naturally Medicated Edibles Ever! Firecrackers: Easiest, Naturally Medicated Edibles Ever! Reviewed by Jamm Real on 18:53:00 Rating: 5
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