DAPL Cops Open Fire on Prayer Circle with Rubber Bullets, Shoot Water Protectors in the Back

DAPL Cops Fire Rubber Bullets at Protestors Engaging in Prayer.  Some Requiring Medical Assistance.  

Martin Luther King day should be a peaceful day where we can come together and appreciate one another, but unfortunately that was not the case for a group of water protectors at the Dakota Access Pipeline. 

The group mentioned had planned on a non-violent walk to a drilling pad where it was rumored drilling was continued, despite claims that it would come to and end due to public outcry.  The non-violent walk took a turn for the worse when Morton County Sheriff’s Department officers together with the National Guard began firing "non-lethal" projectiles, pepper spray and mace upon the non-combative protestors. 

Approximately 200 protestors began gathering at the site of the drill pad.  Three people were arrested— accused of trespassing after cutting a razor wire fence and then allegedly tampering with industrial lighting.

Reports from people at the camps indicated police brought in vehicles with water cannons just beyond the scene. In the videos below, we can also see police open fire on water protectors with rubber bullets in their backs as they are running away from the tear gas.

Back on November 20th a similar injustice occurred but quite a bit more chaos ensued.  Trucks with pressurized water hoses were mobilized and used against protesters, resulting in hundreds injured and dozens requiring treatment for hypothermia as this was done in sub-freezing temperatures.  

At the time, law enforment claimed they were merely trying to act in response to violent protestors.  Videos at the scene show otherwise as people can be seen being shot in the back with rubber bullets as they attempted to retreat and there were literal clouds of tear gas deployed against crowds which were nowhere near law enforcement officers.  

Things did not spiral completely out of control on Monday night, but before night fell on the camps near Cannon Ball, North Dakota, activists filmed and photographed a surface-to-air missile system brought by law enforcement to the area near pipeline opposition camps — allegedly in place to shoot down any drones flown above the scene.

Emergency evacuation orders have been given to all in the area but many protest remain and have vowed to until opperations have come to a halt.  The future does not look to bright for the Standing Rock locals as current President-elect Donald Trump and his administration have openly voiced their favor of Big Oil.

As of now, local law enforcement has not responded to requests for comment on Monday night's events.  

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