Which causes cancer more quickly: cigarettes, diet soda or GMOs?

Statistics state that around 1 in 2 of us will now be affected by cancer at some point in our lives, and environmental factors are now known to play a huge part in the development of cancer.

Diet and lifestyle choices can affect whether or not cancer is more likely to develop in your body, and some of the main factors associated with cancer are smoking, drinking 'diet' sodas and eating genetically modified foods. But just how harmful are these to your body, and which one should you be worried about the most?


In 1998, the "Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement" (MSA) between Philip Morris Inc., Brown & Williamson, R.J. Reynolds and Lorillard was passed in which tobacco companies were told they had to curb their tobacco advertising, and they had been caught adding ammonia to the manufacturing process. The process alerted the public to "crack" nicotine, by accident from a marketing law.

There are over 7,000 different chemicals in a single cigarette, all of which are not necessary to your health, and many of them very harmful. They contain ammonia, bleach and pesticides, which when mixed together outside the body creates mustard gas.

'Diet' soft drinks

Non-sugar versions if sodas will contain a sweetener, usually aspartame, sucralose and sorbitol. All f these chemicals have been linked to tumour growth in studies, and are called the 'trojan horse' of the beverage industry. They fool your body into thinking you are digesting sugar and as the cells begin to mutate, the cancer is able to take root.
Artifiical sweeteners are known to cause IBS, general anxiety, muscle pain for "no reason," arthritis, ringing in the ears, daily fatigue. All of these can be significantly reduced after just one week of cutting out artificial sweeeners.

The sweetener aspartame alone accounts for 75% of all FDA food complaints related to toxins.
GMO foods

There is overwhelming evidence to suggest the most widely used pesticide in the world, glyphosate, causes cancer. For years anti-GMO organisations tried to tell the world just how harmful this product is, and it mostly fell on deaf ears. Just recently however, the FDA has announced that the substance is a 'probable human carcinogen', and this will have been sprayed on, and involved in just about every step of the GMO food process, from harvesting the crops to feeding animals that we eat.

The evidence that GMO foods are dangerous is so obvious that it should be advised that they are not safe for human consumption.

All three of these common behaviours are terribly bad for you health, and should be avoided at all costs if you want to know you are doing your best to stay cancer-free in an ever-increasingly toxic world.

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