This Is What a Full-Time Employee At McDonald’s Makes In One Year – And It’s Shocking!

Little pay and grease is pretty much a guarantee with any fast food job, and McDonald's is no exception. But what does "little pay" really entail? How about the need for a second job for most employees.

Yes, you read that correctly. This image was shared by 'Fight for $15' who want to increase the minimum wage to $15 in the USA - It's currently $7.25. Here's what goes with the image:

In case anyone was wondering what full-time wage at McDonald’s are like for a full year, this is it. It’s worth adding that the average cost of a 1-bedroom apartment in the U.S. is $8,993.64 – $11,410.92, or up to 82% of this entire year of work.”

Living costs are on the rise in the US, and this lowly figure of a wage is meaning that employees are having to make every half a cent count. 

McDonald's is a billion dollar company. In what world is it acceptable to pay your employees pocket change as they try and negotiate their way out of the poverty trap? 

Looking at the CEO however, a man who oversaw the 30% plummet in profits has earned additional cash. 

CEO Don Thomas was fired - but hten also given $3 million to act as a consultant for a year. An average employee would have to put in a shift of 6,631 hours to graft what Thompson will receive in payments after a single week.

Efforts to increase the minimum wage across the country is rapidly spreading from state to state, and we're thankful for it.

  • San Francisco has agreed to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2018
  • Oakland backed a measure to raise it to $12.25.
  • Seattle approved a minimum wage hike to $15 by 2021.
  • Alaska, Arkansas, Nebraska and South Dakota have all approved proposals to raise the minimum wage in November
The movement is in full swing - but will it actually pay off? It's currently at a government level of talking and it looks to be something which can be successful - we're optimistic.

If a company like McDonald's is gathering ridiculous profits - surely it's only fair for everyone to receive their fair cut.

Maybe not.

This is McDonald's very own special way of telling their employees how much they care:

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