The simple sock trick that can stop your car windows from fogging up ever again

Life hacks are a wonderful thing, especially they help with the most frustrating things in everyday life. Mornings are the worst. In winter, they're especially tough but we've come across this hack that will make you early birds lives so much easier.

Foggy Windows have no chance against this simple sock trick, and here it is for you:

So, where to start? Well grab a pair of socks that you're possibly not too fond of and start stuffing the thing with cat litter! That's right. Mash as much cat litter as you can into your socks before placing them on the dashboard of your car for the whole winter and just let it do it's mystical magic!

For reasons that are blatantly obvious, kitty litter has been crafted with materials that are made specifically to absorb any sort of moisture, which also means any wetness in the air. The litter within the sock will go onto absorb any moisture within the inside of your vehicle - leading to little to no condensation on your windscreen.  

As previously stated, this works incredibly well during the winter season as the interior temperature is a lot warmer than outside your car. 

De-Fogging your Windscreen with Kitty Litter and a Sock!

This video presents a short and concise way of de-fogging your windscreen.

What do you need?

>Masking Tape
>Cat Litter

What do you need to do?

  1. Wrap the ends of the sock around your roll of tape to make it easy to pour.
  2. Fill the “foot” of the sock with litter.
  3. Tie off the ankle and flip the rest of the sock back over the foot section (OR: fill the sock completely and tie the end off with a string).
  4. Place the sock on your dashboard. I made multiple and put some in the back of my car as well.

We hope this helps you with your future, foggy endeavors!

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