Standing Rock victory in North Dakota as US Army Corps of Engineers revokes pipeline permits

An amazing victory has occurred for the Sioux Tribe at Standing Rock, as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has reversed its permit approval.

This means that the owner of the Dakota Access Pipeline, Energy Transfer Partners will have to use a different route for the pipeline.

The decision will be a huge relief to those at the protest, as it comes after months of clashes with the police, many of them involving cruel and unjust police brutality.

“The Army will not grant an easement to cross Lake Oahe at the proposed location based on the current record,” stated the US Army, as reported by Reuters..

Reuters proceeds to predict the future of Trump's involvement in the pipeline:

Protest organizers had for months argued that crossing the Missouri River adjacent to the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation presented a danger to their water source. Protests grew over the months, with hundreds of veterans flocking to the camp in recent days to stand against what they say are aggressive tactics from law enforcement.

Activists at the camp were seen hugging each other and letting out Native American war cries on Sunday, but many remained wary, knowing that Trump has voiced support for the line…

North Dakota Congressman Kevin Cramer and Senator John Hoeven, both Republicans who favor the line, blasted the decision, saying it “violates the rule of law and fails to resolve the issue.” Cramer, an adviser to Trump under consideration for a cabinet post, said the president-elect would “restore law and order.”

In truth, President-elect Trump has never stated he supported the pipeline being built across (or underneath) Standing Rock Sioux Reservation land. He only supports the general principle of transporting oil via pipelines. It’s far safer than transporting via rail or ship, it turns out. The real answer is to build these pipelines in places where they don’t threaten Native American lands or water supplies."

 This is one of the biggest victories to date for the Sioux Tribe, and will hopefully mark a u-turn in the way the protest has been going in recent months.

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