Michigan Residents Outraged - State to Sell Nestle 100 Million Gallons of Water for $200!

Nestle, one of the most corrupt Big Food companies have recently offered just $200 dollars the state of Michigan, of whom they have been siphoning water from at a rate of 150 million gallons a year.

The insulting offer comes as the bottled-water company who were previously pumping 150 million gallons of water out of the state wished to increase this number to 400 million gallons, after being found out.

Nestle's former CEO was outspoken in his desire for water privatisation, disrespecting the very poor who would likely suffer under such an arrangement. The company had been taking the water without the resident's knowledge, and when found out only wished to increase the number.

This is the same state that is still recovering from the Flint water crisis, where many residents were at the mercy of having only access to severely laden water that was too toxic to actually drink, and the government had tried to cover it up.

“Why on earth would the state of Michigan, given our lack of money to address water matters of our own, like Flint, even consider giving MORE water for little or no cost to a foreign corporation with annual profits in the billions?” a man from Ada, Michigan wrote to regulators.

“Please do not attempt to justify giving away our resources for the ‘benefit’ of NestlĂ© adding 20 more jobs,” he said.

The current plant is only 120 miles from where the Flint crisis happened.
“Please, please, please reconsider allowing NestlĂ© to pump additional gallons of water from their facility near Evart,” wrote a woman who identified herself as being from Newaygo, Michigan. “The rape of our Michigan inland fresh water sources is a cause for concern, especially when it is done by a private company for profit.”

Jim Olson, a lawyer from the original case said:
“We’ve seen an erosion of public notices and more internal official decisions,” Olson said. “That’s at the heart of the Flint water crisis, and now we have the same kind of institutionalized expediency here.”

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