Meet the Herbicide that’s Causing Autism in Half of All Children

A new revelation regarding Monsanto's pesticide Roundup, is that is may be contributing to the danger that half of the children in the world having autism by the year 2015.

Monsanto are well known for making less than desirable ethical decisions, being one of GMO foods - which is known to be harmful to people and the environment - biggest fans.

Monsanto make billions of dollars a year from GMO foods, and their weed killer Roundup, and constantly tell the public that this poison designed to kill insects is 'safe' for humans to consume, despite the FDA identifying it as a 'probably human carcinogen'.

The big blow comes from Stephanie Seneff PhD, who has over thirty years of specialized studies on the relationship between biology and technology, and over one-hundred and seventy published peer review papers. She has predicted a terrifying outcome of the current GMO-led food market.

She has predicted that by 2025 Roundup will have caused autism in about half of all the children in the world.
Roundup is the most used herbicide in the world, used on corn and soy which are processed into high fructose corn syrup and soy filler which are used in countless Big Food products, being eaten on a daily basis by millions around the world.

Soy and corn are both also used to feed cattle and poultry, meaning the reach of the chemicals can't be understated.

Seneff’s studies show that most autistic children currently have deficiencies in iron, zinc, and serum sulfate, as well as increased seizures and mitochondrial disorders. 

All of these symptoms come as a result of glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup.

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