Google Says It Will Run Entirely on Renewable Energy in 2017

Google have stepped up and proclaimed that they will get all their energy from solar and wind. This is after they used up as much power as the city of San Francisco last year.

To be precise, they giant said that by next year, all their facilities and quarters around the world would be powered with renewable energy.

Google have been working proactively across the last decade with energy providers trying to buy and participate in many deals revolving around renewable energy - deals including something along the lines of Google buying all the solar and wind power available, and the supplier will use the cash to build more. Good stuff.

The utility grid will host the renewables energy, which in turn presents no consumption of fossil fuels on Google's part. 

Google's Senior Vice President of Technical Infrastructure, Joe Kava stated that "We are the largest corporate purchaser of renewable energy in the world, It’s good for the economy, good for business and good for our shareholders." 

"Wind prices do not fluctuate." Kava went on to say, before describing how Google can plan better without the up and down prices that carbon-based fuels possess. Kava also claimed that the prices of renewables in Chile were cheaper than Non-renewables. 

Now, it is difficult to verify whether Google are actually the biggest buyer of renewable energy - mainly because the industries don't tend to just hang out their statistics to dry. However there is no doubt that they are up there, and that Google's computers are run off renewable energy

The 50,000 acre wind farm in Minco, Okla manages to power one of Google's facilities in Pryor. The company that owns the vast land "NextEra" also have another 115 farms scattered across Northern America.

Youtube and Gmail are just examples of the gigantic companies that Google control and operate. Each supplying around 1 billion users. For this, the company must run 13 huge data centers which just manage to house all the information on computers for the servers of the sites.

It's not just Google going in to it though. Facebook have also stepped up and have wandered into similar deals. Amazon also reminded everyone of their strong commitment to using renewables. 

Google have always been the front runners though - for example, they patented the idea of "floating farms" that would harness the waves power for energy. - it never came to fruition. Another idea the boffins came up with was the use of large kites in the stratosphere to capture high-velocity winds. 

"Next year’s goal will be 95 percent accomplished with wind turbines around the world" Joe Kava further exclaimed, saying that Google are "Technology-agnostic, not Price-agnostic". 

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