The UK is About to Legalize Medical Marijuana

Members of the SNP (Scottish National Party) will this week be urged to pass a law allowing the legalization of cannabis in Scotland, paving the way for further legislation across the UK.

The party are set to vote at their annual conference on whether cannabis for medicinal use should be allowed to be used by the NHS.

They will be asked to decide whether or not the Class B drug should be made available on prescription to those suffering from chronic illnesses. Marijuana has been legalised in several places in the U.S and medicinal marijuana has been gaining support as a legitimate treatment for severe illnesses for some time now.

It is the Noth Ayre branch of the party which will face the decision.

In May this year, first Minister Nicola ­Sturgeon said: “Cannabis is not a ­harmless substance. I am not in favour of general decriminalisation but I do think there is a specific case for medicinal use.”

The health policy in Scotland is ruled by Holyrood the UK Government in Westminster would have to oversee the change as it is in control of drug laws.

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