Top 20 Reasons Why Moringa Is Incredible For Your Physical and Mental Health

Moringa is a great, versatile plant that works both as a medicine and a health boost in times of need.

It can treat allergies, anxiety and depression, diabetes, infertility, hearth and blood pressure problems, plus many more. Its a fairly unknown plant, but once you realise the great benefits it will bring you, you'll be eating it all the time.

Moringa, often referred to as the 'miracle tree' goes by many name. You may have heard it go by the name of 'drumstick tree', 'horesradish tree', 'ben tree'  or the 'benzoil tree'. Its flowers and leaves can be used for medicinal purposes.

It has been used by Eastern medicine for centuries, but has slowly been picked up by America and Europe. This special plant is doubly beneficial as if provides us with medicinal purposes and also is great in fighting against deforestation as it can be planted anywhere.

Increasing studies are being done into the extent of Moringas heath benefits, with a new study claiming that just 30 grams has the same amount of vitamin C as 7 oranges, fourth carrots worth of vitamin A, three bananas worth of potassium, and four glasses of milk worth of calcium.

It is packed with vitamins as well as nutrients, being a rich source of calcium, chromium, iron, magnesium, selenium, zinc and other vitamins. 

The plant can be used in many different ways:
  • The seeds can be used to detox, and are good for relieving joint pain.
  • The pods a good at boosting the libido, and are the tastiest part of the plant
  • The flowers improve the quality and flow of breast milk in nursing mothers
  • The roots and bark are good for heart and circulation problems. A paste can be made and applied to treat rheumatism.
  • The oil is helpful for bladder and prostate problems, and is used for healthy skin and hair.

The top 20 ways in which Moringa is useful are as:
  1. An energy booster
  2. Metabolism booster
  3. Fat burner
  4. Reduces fat
  5. Builds muscles
  6. Protects hair, skin, teeth and nails
  7. helps eyesight
  8. Reduces cholesterol and hypertension
  9. Combats diabetes
  10. Stimulates digestion
  11. Helps memory capacity
  12. Keeps good mental balance
  13. Regulates thyroid
  14. Protects the heart
  15. Treats stomach ulcers
  16. Protects the kidneys
  17. Combats cancer
  18. Treats anemia
  19. Provides sexual potency
  20. Protects the liver

Moringa can be eaten in pastas, breads and porridges. It is also available in leaf powder, capsules, tea and vitamin supplements.

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