This is Why Doctors Recommend Drinking Water on a Fully Empty Stomach

Water is the most essential necessity we need to stay alive. The body can go for several weeks without food, but can only last 3 days without water, this is because most of our organs are made up of mainly water.

Experts suggest drinking at least 8 glasses of water, and more if you are physically active. How often do you get your 8 glasses a day? Dehydration is often the cause of headaches and tiredness, that are often put down to other causes.

The water content in our bodies includes:
  • 90% in the brain
  • 83% in the blood
  • 22% in our bones
  • 75% in our muscles

The high water content in our body needs constant replenishment to work at their best level. Symptoms of dehydration include tiredness, muscle weakness, dizziness, feeling sluggish.

Here are 7 reasons why should start drinking 8oz of water every morning, before you eat or drink anything else:
1. Drinking water first thing in the morning flushes out the bowels, giving your digestion a boost for the rest of the day.

2. Moving of the bowels helps to flush out toxins from your system. Water helps to detoxify the body without the need of any other supplements.

3. Drinking water helps to reduce feelings of bloatedness.

4. Drinking water increases your appetite. If you are wondering how this will help so early in the morning, eating breakfast shortly after boosting your appetite will help your metabolism be more efficient for the rest of the day.

5. Drinking water first thing can help relieve headaches after going all through the night without drinking anything. People often forget to drink water, and doing it first thing will help you remember to do it throughout the day.

6. Drinking alkaline water first thing can help prevent oral problems, due the neutralising of bacteria in the mouth, and it can also help against bacteria infections in the stomach.

7. An early morning glass of water also cleanses the colon. This helps the body to absorb nutrients better from everything you eat and drink later in the day.

Upon waking, you should aim to drink at least 2 glasses of water before you eat anything else. Drink the water slowly and steadily as drinking quickly  on an empty stomach may result in nausea.

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