The Protests are Working! — Major Bank Considers Pulling Funds from DAPL if Violations Continue

The Dakota pipeline has been affected in contradictory ways in the wake of the Presidential Election, this week has seen Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) go ahead with unpermitted drilling at the site, much to the protestors fury, but a new development looks to serve the Standing Rock Sioux with some well-deserved good fortune.

Norway’s largest bank, DNB, has considered pulling its large investment in the project over concerns that the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe are being treated unfairly.

EcoWatch reported that the DNB has loaned around $350 million to Energy Transfer Partners for the construction of the pipeline, ten per cent of the total cost, but has watched in shock at the way the Native Tribes have been treated, and is not considering their investment.

“DNB looks with worry at how the situation around the pipeline in North Dakota has developed,” the financier said in a statement cited by Reuters. “The bank will therefore take initiative and use its position to bring about a more constructive process to find a solution to the conflict.

If these initiatives do not give appeasing answers and results, DNB will consider its further involvement in the financing of the project.

It seems that the DNB are taking into account what has been seen by many across the world as unsolicited violence towards the effected Tribe and their allies. 

There have been many stories of violence from the police that have emerged from the camp, with one of the latest witness statements claiming the police have let unleashed viscous dogs into the hoards of protesters, with many people being savaged and injured. There have been numerous arrests on the protesters and journalists, with some journalists being threatened with jail time over their involvement in the protest.

Water protectors, activists, and journalists have been pepper-sprayed, maced, beaten, shot with bean bag projectiles and rubber bullets, tasered, blasted by LRAD and sound cannons, and have been strip-searched, detained in dog kennels, had their arms marked with numbers in unprecedented scenes for a 'peaceful' protest.

The attacks from the police have been deemed so inappropriate, that the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues have got involved in order to help protect the protesters, and serve justice to those who have acted wrongfully. Amnesty International USA (AIUSA) deployed human rights observers to observe the situation for the same reasons.

“Our observers are here to ensure that everyone’s human rights are protected […]
“People here just want to stand up for the rights of Indigenous people and protect their natural resources. These people should not be treated like the enemy,” asserted Eric Ferrero, director of communications for AIUSA. “Police must keep the peace using minimal force appropriate to the situation. Confronting men, women, and children while outfitted in gear more suited for the battlefield is a disproportionate response.”

If the move goes ahead, and DNB remove their investment, this could be an important financial step towards companies acting in the interest of the regular man, rather than appeasing other companies for financial gain.

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