Sonoma County Vote Success Leads to Largest GMO Free Zone in US

Overshadowed by the US presidential election, Sonoma County passed a law on the same day which has created the largest ever GMO free area in the Unites States.

The motion is called Measure M, and it succeeded in deciding to ban GMO crop cultivation – YES 55.9% to NO 44.1%. It will join together several areas to make the biggest area of non-GMO crops, in a move that will hopefully lead the way in other places in the US. 

Sonoma County joins Humboldt, Marin, Mendocino, Santa Cruz and Trinity Counties, and bridges the largest GMO Free Zone in the United States, creating a staggering 13,734 square miles.

The success of the vote didn't come easy, as the Biotech Industry too different measures to try and block Measure M. It was revealed that in October documents filed with the Sonoma County Clerk showed that Biotech companies had funded a committee named ‘No on M- Sponsored and Opposed by farmers, ranchers, and agricultural technology companies’.

Karen Hudson, a Yes on M campaign manager stated; “The fact is, more and more people want non-GMO food, and our local farms have a right to grow without contamination. It’s that simple.”

The importance of non-GMO food is thankfully becoming a big deal in America. More and more we hear about the amount of chemicals the nation is consuming in GMO food, and the possible health risks of this happening. Walking down an isle in the supermarket, it is almost impossible to choose foods that have not been tainted by the GMO industry, but people or starting to realise, and they are fighting back.

All we need is for other areas in the US to take Measure M as an example and to follow in their footsteps.

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