She is 74 and looks 30! This woman just discovered the elixir of youth:

We all want to stay looking young, and there are many beauty treatments to claim they will help you turn back the clock, but how often do they really work?

One woman has revealed the secret of her PROVEN path to youthfulness. At the age of 74 she looks like she is still in her 30's, and all without a anti-age cosmetic in sight.

Her husband of over 50 years Amos Larkins, looks old enough to be her grandfather and even her sons who are in their 50's look older than her. Her husband takes medicines for diabetes and high blood pressure, something which she has avoided and is full of energy, up at 5.30 am every morning and leads a jam packed life.

Her name is Annette Larkins and she lives in Miami Dade County, Florida. So what is the magic secret? Annette is a raw vegan, and is living proof that the vegan diet does wonders for your health, and your appearance!

She grows everything she eats in her own garden, and her diet consists of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, with a lot of emphasis on juicing her foods. Annette only drinks rainwater, and she never takes medicines and uses only natural cures for her ailments.

Annette says it was owning a meat shop in the 1960's which made her turn to vegetarianism, and then to go vegan a few decades after that. Being a raw vegan means none of her food is cooked, an this is what health specialists have been lead to believe is so good about raw food, that cooking breaks the food down and releases a lot of the goodness out.

She spends her time gardening, sewing her own clothes and hosting a YouTube channel showcasing her vegan life to others who are interested.

Her husband boasts “she’s an amazing person, though. She does everything” he said, “builds computers, makes all her own clothes, grows her own food, and speaks three languages. It’s amazing”.

The benefits of raw veganism are touted to be great for the body, but if you desire to keep your youthfulness as long as possible, Annette's story is one you simply can't overlook.

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She is 74 and looks 30! This woman just discovered the elixir of youth:  She is 74 and looks 30! This woman just discovered the elixir of youth: Reviewed by C C on 09:08:00 Rating: 5
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