Regardless of the "Election" Result, Humanity's Awakening Will Continue

The U.S Election has given us a new President. In this age of increasing empowerment in people. How long will it be before we say 'no' to needing a leader at all?


Many people have been claiming that 2016 has been the year of a humanitarian awakening. The power of online social media has been a perfect platform for people to rally like no other method previously, and as we see more and more that the powers that be are lying to us, the culture of spreading the truth has been an important implement in many of us seeing the light.

The media has come under intense scrutiny following the coming to light of lies regarding topics like the rigged election “polls,” the lies about chemical weapons in the Middle East and many other half truths we are fed on a daily basis. The grassroots media and online groups are constantly highlighting the failings of the establishment, helping people to open their eyes and see the truth, not the media's version of the truth. 

There will come a time when so many people become awakened that the mainstream media and the politicians will lose the power they currently have over us. It is already slipping. 

People are angry and they want change, and they won't wait forever.

A better focus on health has been revolutionised in the recent past, and has had important breakthroughs particularly this year. The focus on natural medicines rather than chemical cures has had a surge in it's following, with more people turning to home remedies and organic medicine. Everyday we hear stories about how the big pharmaceuticals and the government are working together, pushing medicines on us for their own financial gain.

Vaccines hit the headlines this year with shocking revelations about the dangers of them in terms of safety. It was revealed that the government receives money for every vaccine administered, and they have chosen to ignore the statistics which show death associated with certain vaccines. Medicinal marijuana has also been welcomed by the public who are becoming less worried of the stigma attached to its 'drug classification' by the government. There are many published and ongoing studies into marijuana as a cure for many chronic diseases and the future looks bright for the legalisation of this amazing cure.

Many U.S. millennials could tell you that for most of their life that they can remember, their country has been at war. This young generation have proven themselves to be against war, public outcry and marches for peace are commonplace, and social media has been a great tool to rally like minded people together. Global politicians keep insisting on these fruitless wars, nearly always for personal gain, and while support is waning, there will be a point at where everyone has had enough.

Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, two international truth-speakers have been treated like criminals by the establishment, highlighting the fact that they are terrified of people knowing the truth. We need to keep the important issues at the forefront of people's minds, and not let ignorance overcome common sense, and humanity. The U.S. Presidential Election has given us a new 'leader' but when the power is hands of the people, such a concept will become obsolete.

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Regardless of the "Election" Result, Humanity's Awakening Will Continue Regardless of the "Election" Result, Humanity's Awakening Will Continue Reviewed by C C on 12:57:00 Rating: 5
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