If You Still Go to Starbucks Get Ready to Never Want to Again

It's sometimes hard to equate our own personal choices with how they fit in to the rest of the world. Often we feel like on our own we don't have the power to change things that are wrong with the world, but we do.

If you care about the health of our planet, then you might want to consider handing your money over to Starbucks every time you feel like a coffee.

Starbucks have been actively funding and supporting efforts to stop GMO labeling so they can continue to mislead their customers about how "ethical" they are. They have donated $70 million to the cause, making them just as bad as Monsanto at trying to pull the wool over their customers eyes.

If you want to help stop this, you can take action now by sending a letter or the template letter to Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, confirming your boycott of the company until the only serve 100% organic milk.

“The days when a global company like Starbucks can hide GMOs from the customer are over. The age of transparency is here and I expect Starbucks will shortly realize it’s in its best interest to eliminate GMOs from its supply chain,” said GMO Inside Co-Chair John W. Roulac.

According to the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) in 2011 Starbucks used over, “93 million gallons of milk per year, enough to fill 155 Olympic-sized swimming pools.” The cows are injected with antibiotics throughout their life cycle, and fed an unhealthy diet of GMO feed including: corn, soy, alfalfa, and cotton seed.

Starbucks are with Monsanto in wanting less transparency regarding food labeling in a effort to dupe their customers even more. “As a dues paying member of the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), Starbucks has helped bankroll efforts to defeat GMO labeling in the US for the past two years. It’s time for Starbucks to commit to transparency and the highest quality ingredients for their customers,” says Dave Murphy, founder and executive director of Food Democracy Now!

Starbucks is an important target as they are one of the biggest food retailers in the world, with 23,187 stores in 68 countries. Although we don't individually have the power to change laws and legislation, voting with your feet is a way to show the companies that people won't stand for these sub-par products to be sold.

A decline in profits is the only thing companies like Starbucks care about, and if enough people realise just what they are doing is so wrong, it will influence customer numbers enough for something to be done. The video below explores the ingrained systems between what we buy, what we eat,and what we are told by the government.

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