Eagles Destroy Corporate Drones, Cost Mining Company More Than $100,000

Animals are beginning to fight back after modern technology invades their environment, as drones owned by mining companies are being destroyed by native eagles.

Mining is one of the most poisonous and destructive activities on the planet, but some of the world's biggest mining companies are being attacked by natural forces costing them thousands of dollars.

Gold mining in particular is a dirty business which carries mercury and cyanide into the environment, poisoning the soil and permanently contaminating water supplies. It also releases elemental mercury into the air, and is seen as incredibly wasteful, with over 20 tons of rock and soil needing to be treated to produce enough gold for a single gold ring.

One recent case which highlights just how polluting the mining industry is, was when the Environmental Protection Agency failed to clean out an abandoned gold mine which turned the Animas river orange, contaminated with heavy-laden mining waste.

The EPA has also reported that 40% of Western US watersheds have been permanently contaminated by mining.

Drones used to survey the territory around gold mines are being destroyed by native wedge-tailed eagles. 

One mine surveyor in the region Rick Steven has lost nine of his Trimble UX5 drones to eagles. He has said that eagles are “the natural enemy” of drones. Rick disguised his drones as baby eagles in the hope this would deter the attacks, which it did for a while, but 50 flights later, the attacks began again.

At $20,000 a drone, the attacks are really putting the mining companies out of pocket, with one company, Gold Fields, have said to be $100,000 out of pocket.

This is not the only time recently we have seen animals fighting back against theie opressors. At Standing Rock recently a herd of buffallo, an animal that is considered sacred to the Sioux tribe tunred up, with protestors expressing that the buffalo had come to show their solidarity to the tribe. 

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