Crazy Health Benefits of Juicing Raw Cannabis

While marijuana is mainly seen as a recreational drug that is used the world over by people for its relaxing properties, many don't realise the incredible health benefits of this plant. 

When eaten raw marijuana leaves and buds have the ability to fight cancer, they work as an antioxidant and have anti-inflammatory properties, all without utilising its other psychoactive properties.

The anti-cancer ingredient in cannabis is cannabidiol (CBD) that has been proven in many studies and testimonies to be beneficial to those fighting cancer, as well as preventing and reversing many other chronic illnesses where conventional medicine is failing.

Because studies on cannabis as a medicine are still in their infancy, there is not a great deal of information surrounding all of the benefits, but here are the ones we know for sure. 

We know that juicing raw cannabis works as:

1. An Antioxidant

2. Helps increased muscle repair

3. Increased quality of immune system which will help you fight off illness both severe and basic.

4. You can ingest higher than usual doses of cannabis this way because there will be little to no psychoactive effects.

This is just a very short list but it is a start. When modern medicine catches up with the idea that cannabis is an all round health product, the list of it's benefits will no doubt become much longer.

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