Complete list of food brands containing Monsanto ingredients (avoid at all costs!)

Monsanto are notorious for being linked to dubious health controversies, but do you actually realise the extent of their involvement in the food industry. It's almost impossible to walk down an isle in the supermarket without passing a product that Monsanto is connected to.

The corporate giant is linked to countless foods, including items marketed as 'healthy' 'additive free' 'whole grain', but don't trust everything you read. Monsanto are plagued with questions concerning the safety of their food, and other products.

A Brief History of Monsanto

Founded in 1901 by John Francis Queeny, their debut product was the chemical sweetener saccharin which was sold to Coca-Cola manufacturers. Saccharine has been found to provoke tumour growth in lab rats. The government, upon realising the dangers of the sweetener, tried to stop Monsanto from selling it to the public through a lawsuit, but they lost, and Monsatno have continued to to act in this underhand way ever since.

They were then responsible for carcinogenic polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) which were banned after fifty years of causing reproductive, developmental, and immune disorders. Monsanto then made the first hybrid seed corn for detergents, cleaning products, soaps, synthetic rubbers and plastics - all of these products contain toxins.

Monsanto have continued to sell products full with aspartame, even after tests on rats gave them cancer and eventually killed them.
Monsanto are famous for their pesticide glyphosate, sold under the name Roundup. This controversial herbicide has been finding its way into food and products that it shouldn't be. When first developed, Roundup killed not only the weeds, but it damaged the crops, too. Monsanto's answer? They genetically engineered the seeds to withstand unnatural amounts of chemicals.

Independent scientists found the following health problems associated with Roundup and glyphosate:
  •     ADHD (5)
  •     Alzheimer’s (6)
  •     Birth Defects (7)
  •     Autism (8)
  •     Cancer (9)
  •     Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance (10)
  •     Chronic Kidney Disease (8)
  •     Depression (11)
  •     Diabetes (4)
  •     Heart Disease (8)
  •     Leaky Gut Syndrome (8)
  •     Liver Disease (8)
  •     Multiple Sclerosis (8)
  •     Parkinson’s (6)
  •     Obesity (8)
  •     Reproductive Problems (4)
  •     Respiratory Illnesses (4)

The following is a list of products that are associated with Monsanto:
  •     Aunt Jemima
  •     Aurora Foods
  •     Banquet
  •     Best Foods
  •     Betty Crocker
  •     Bisquick
  •     Cadbury
  •     Campbell’s
  •     Capri Sun
  •     Carnation
  •     Chef Boyardee
  •     Coca Cola
  •     ConAgra
  •     Delicious Brand Cookies
  •     Duncan Hines
  •     Famous Amos
  •     Frito Lay
  •     General Mills
  •     Green Giant
  •     Healthy Choice
  •     Heinz
  •     Hellman’s
  •     Hershey’s Nestle
  •     Holsum
  •     Hormel
  •     Hungry Jack
  •     Hunts
  •     Interstate Bakeries
  •     Jiffy
  •     KC Masterpiece
  •     Keebler/Flowers Industries
  •     Kelloggs
  •     Kid Cuisine
  •     Knorr
  •     Kool-Aid
  •     Kraft/Phillip Morris
  •     Lean Cuisine
  •     Lipton
  •     Loma Linda
  •     Marie Callenders
  •     Minute Maid
  •     Morningstar
  •     Butterworths
  •     Nabisco
  •     Nature Valley
  •     Ocean Spray
  •     Ore-Ida
  •     Orville Redenbacher
  •     Pasta- Roni
  •     Pepperidge Farms
  •     Pepsi
  •     Pillsbury
  •     Pop Secret
  •     Post Cereals
  •     Power Bar Brand
  •     Prego Pasta Sauce
  •     Pringles
  •     Procter and Gamble
  •     Quaker
  •     Ragu Sauce
  •     Rice-A-Roni
  •     Smart Ones
  •     Stouffers
  •     Shweppes
  •     Tombstone Pizza
  •     Totinos
  •     Uncle Ben’s
  •     Unilever
  •     V8

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