CDC Experts Confirm Donald Trump is Right About Vaccines and Autism

 Although Donald Trump has many unpopular opinions about certain subjects, there is one thing he can hold his head up high about, and that his views on the link between vaccines and autism.

The President elect could now make a real change in the rigid vaccine laws or recent times, as he believes the "monstrous" vaccines should be delivered in smaller doses to children to prevent the development of autism.

And recently, CDC scientist Dr. William Thompson has confirmed Trump's suspicions are real.

In a recent expose of the corruption in the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Dr. Thompson admitted omitting data showing that autism rates were higher among African American boys who received the MMR vaccination before the age of three.

"Regardless of the subject matter, parents making decisions about their children's health deserve to have the best information available to them. They should be able to count on federal agencies to tell them the truth. For these reasons, I bring the following matter to the House floor," Congressman Bill Posey, who was involved in the case said.

He continued by reading out a statement from Dr. Thompson in reference to a 2004 study where he and his colleagues had destoryed data which showed that African American boys who received the MMR when they were under the age of three had a 340 percent chance of developing autism. 

The original files were destroyed, by Dr. Thompson had copies saved on his computer.
"Mr. Speaker, I believe it is our duty to insure that the documents that Dr. Thompson are not ignored. Therefore I will provide them to members of Congress and the House Committees upon request. 
Considering the nature of the whistleblower's documents as well as the involvement of the CDC, a hearing and a thorough investigation is warranted," said Posey.

Donald Trump made his feelings about vaccines clear when he appeared on Laura Ingraham's show saying, "I've known people that had totally magnificent children, functioning a hundred percent, everything beautiful, smart as a whip, and they go for this shot and get this shot of this massive dose, of everything at one time, and they end up with horrible autism."

He also said on Fox News in 2012 "I've seen people where they have a perfectly healthy child, and they go for the vaccinations and a month later the child is no longer healthy."

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