Aztec Dancers Are Really Shaking Things Up At Standing Rock!

The supporters camped out at Standing Rock have been joined by Aztec Dancers to help boost morale.

The performers known as 'Danzas Aztecas' have joined the North Dakota camp complete with traditional colourful dress and dances. The protest has been making headlines and has received strong support from the public.

There are currently thousands of people, including members from 300 Native American tribes at the site near Cannon Ball, N.D protesting against the installation of a pipeline that will carry oil through the sacred land at Standing Rock with the possibility that it will contaminate thousands of households drinking water. The protest has been met with violence by the police and frustrations have been running high, so this will no doubt provide a welcome respite.

One of the dancers explained about the traditional dance, “Our regalias represent the different elements of life,” Salinas said. “Each outfit is dedicated to fire, water, earth or wind.” The dancers dress in bright colours with elaborate headdresses to mimic the look of birds in the traditional routine.

Aztec Dance is seen as concentration in motion, and it has been described by some as a kind of 'meditation with movement'. The dance is a sacred tradition and it can be seen as a form of prayer, with the dancers channeling their thoughts towards their god during the routine. 

The traditional ritual dance is called Macehualiztli, which means  “deserving.” This particular dance represents the eternal search of man for cosmic harmony and integration of body and spirit. It holds dear the very core ideas of tribe, as a way of communication the struggle of mankind to connect with his own spirituality.

The native people of Mexico use this dance as a basic expression of art and culture, and they see it as a normal part of life. Those not farmiliar with this dance have been lucky to see it alive and thriving today.

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