3,000 Homeless People Denied Food As City Forces Charity to Bleach and Dump It

Kansas City Health Inspectors this year put a stop to an annual event in which volunteers from the food festival help feed the homeless with food leftover from the event. 

For the past five years running, volunteers from Kookers Kare, a group of barbecue chefs that are involved in the city's food festival have taken time after the event to distribute leftover food to the hungry homeless in the area. But this year 3,000 homeless who were expecting the food went hungry after the city's state ordered the food to be destroyed.

The festival usually has masses of leftover food which is usually given away by thousands of volunteers, but this was the first year the tradition was stopped.Volunteers described the food as “perfectly good barbecue” and were said to be heartbroken after they were ordered to cover it with bleach and then deposit it into city dumpsters.

“It was the whole gamut. If you can think of the most magnificent barbecue spread, that’s what we threw away yesterday by the hundreds of pounds,” said Bill Derke, associate director of Hope City.

ABC 7 reported that this years ‘magnificent barbecue spread’ was more than 3,000 pounds of meat and 1,200 pounds of sides. The food is then given to kitchens like Hope City to then be given to the homeless.

“And everybody out there is like, ‘All right! We are going to eat beans, potatoes, brisket, burnt ends, ribs, it’s awesome, they were expecting lunch and for it to be a really good lunch and just having it taken away it was a bummer. We were all bummed out,” Derke said.

According to ABC 7 the reason the food was withheld from serving was that it hadn't come from a 'permitted establishment' and the source of the food could not be traced, therefore making it potentially harmful.

Kookers Kares president refuted the allegation of their food not being fit to eat, saying that group had a refrigerated truck at American Royal, and his team of food safety experts only collect food that’s piping hot or ice cold. Kookers Kares are doing all they can to ensure next year the homeless get their important hot meal, but the Health Food inspectors maintain theirs was the right course of action, standing by the decision.
In a similar event last December, the Dallas, Texas city council enacted Ordinance No. 29595, which makes it illegal to serve food to the homeless without a variety of different permits and certificates, but the volunteers at 'Don’t Comply', took to the streets just outside the Austin Street Shelter in Dallas, while well armed, and fed thousands of homeless people anyway.

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